Market Cube Switches to TrueSample to Manage Duplication and Combat Online Fraud & Risk

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Market Cube continues to demonstrate a proactive commitment to sample integrity

May 12, 2015, Mt. Pleasant, SC – Market Cube, is proud to announce their recent partnership with TrueSample, the industry’s top standard for sample validation and authentication. Market Cube recently adopted two of TrueSample’s products, Device Fingerprint and Online Fraud & Risk Vetting, to manage their data quality and fraud reduction practices.

Market Cube, an online sample and research operations company that owns proprietary panels with over one million respondents worldwide, decided to partner with TrueSample based on their commitments to both quality and value.

“We’re incredibly excited to partner with TrueSample, whose name is synonymous with quality, transparency, and innovation.” said Steve Hopkins, Principal at Market Cube. “Having an opportunity to participate in a free trial of TrueSample’s solutions allowed us to compare and contrast with our previous solution(s).  The results and value delivered by TrueSample spoke volumes and made switching over to them an easy decision.”

The TrueSample Device Fingerprinting technology builds upon current industry norms and delivers next-generation speed and functionality.  With unparalleled accuracy (including  mobile devices) and API response calls more than twice as fast as industry average, it prevents duplication by analyzing a number of characteristics from a participant’s device and puts them through proprietary algorithms to determine a unique device fingerprint.

Online Fraud & Risk (OFR) Vetting services empower customers to keep miscreants, spammers, phishers, bots, and high-risk survey participants out of their data by tracking millions of proxies, domains, and device fingerprints, as well as processing billions of emails to find IPs, emails, and domains associated with fraud, phishing, cyber crime and spam. Internal blacklists are supplemented with live feeds from industry leaders, and many clients add their bad actors to help protect others from attacks.

“As the industry continues to evolve, the need for evermore innovative and accurate data quality and fraud reduction controls remains a constant,” stated Mark Menig, Chief Executive Officer at TrueSample. “Our customers rely on TrueSample to be vigilant to the shifting landscape and to deliver on technology’s promise of being better, faster, and driving more value.”


To learn more about Market Cube, visit or call 703-468-0322.

To learn more about TrueSample, visit or call 415-300-7362.

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