Device De-Duplication & Fraud Detection Software

Advanced de-duplication & fraud detection with

Device Fingerprint+Fraud Markers

TrueSample developed and continues to enhance the online market research industry's most advanced device identification and fraud detection software. Through the use of TrueSample’s real-time API's customers can independently verify that their participants are real, unique, and fraud free.

Survey Score

Device Fingerprint

The TrueSample digital fingerprinting technology builds upon current industry norms and delivers next-generation speed and functionality. With API response calls more than twice as fast as industry average, it prevents duplication by analyzing a number of characteristics from a participant’s device and puts them through proprietary algorithms to determine a unique device fingerprint. Even the same participant using multiple devices across multiple sample sources can be effectively identified and properly handled.

Fraud Markers

Fraud Markers combines with our stand-alone Device Fingerprint API to provide an even better data quality solution. With Fraud Markers our customers now have the ability to check that the computer, mobile phone, or any other internet enabled device, detected upon entry to the survey, is not only unique but also matches the appropriate device settings that are expected. Fraud Markers checks 20 points of verification to provide unparalleled transparency and control to reduce potential fraud and manage overall data quality.

Bot Check

Technically speaking, it's generally accepted that internet traffic can have two kinds of bots, benign & malicious. The former being things like the Google crawler looking for new sites to index to while the later are looking to do purposeful harm to your site/systems. In the world of online market research though, all bots are bad, and we are constantly working to enhance the product with new features and techniques to allow customers to identify and remove bots.


  • External - TrueSample will check incoming respondents against 3rd party blacklists to make sure you aren't letting someone in that is a known nefarious character.
  • Community - Submit habitually bad respondents to the TrueSample Community Blacklist.  The community of customer users help each other by growing the size and scope of this feature for the mutual benefit of all.
  • Client Specific - Need a customer blacklist that is specific to just your company?  No problem!  We support that feature as well.

Software License Packages

  • $2,500/Year
  • Transactions included:
  • 100,000 Device Fingerprint
  • 100,000 Fraud Markers
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  • $10,000/Year
  • Transactions included:
  • 1,000,000 Device Fingerprint
  • 1,000,000 Fraud Markers
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  • $25,000/Year
  • Transactions included:
  • 10,000,000 Device Fingerprint
  • 10,000,000 Fraud Markers
  • Buy Now
  • $47,500/Year
  • Transactions included:
  • 30,000,000 Device Fingerprint
  • 30,000,000 Fraud Markers
  • Buy Now
  • $150,000/Year
  • Transactions included:
  • Unlimited Device Fingerprint
  • Unlimited Fraud Markers
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  • Custom/Year
  • Transactions included:
  • [Custom #] Device Fingerprint
  • [Custom #] Fraud Markers
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Client Led

All TrueSample product enhancements are guided by the input of the TrueSample Quality Council and validated through rigorous research programs.

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TrueSample provides three types of software to help you make sure your respondents and results are accurate and authentic. Check out all 3 to see which one(s) are best for your business.

Device Fingerprint + TrueMatch Fraud Markers

Device Fingerprint + Fraud Markers

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