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Sample Validation

TrueSample employs many of the same advanced validation technologies used to prevent online credit fraud—so respondents are validated from every angle. Through the use of TrueSample’s real-time API's or batch uploads, customers can independently verify that their participants are real, unique, and fraud free. Read on to learn about all the included features:

Survey Score

RealCheck Postal

Collects and evaluates names and postal addresses against third-party consumer databases to determine if they're legitimate and correspond with one another. Provides confidence in knowing that a participant is who they say they are and lives where they say they live.

RealCheck Social

For records that fail RealCheck Postal or where a postal address is unknown, we evaluate respondents’ names and email addresses against third-party databases of social and other online sources.


TrueSample is the industry’s only solution to proactively identify duplicates both within an individual sample source as well as across all of the sample sources represented in the TrueSample ecosystem.

Geo-Location Distance Check


Validated and de-duped PII is a good starting point, but TrueSample's Sample Validation software allows you to take your validation(s) to an even deeper level with it's geo-location distance check.  It will tell you the distance (in miles) between the latitude/longitude coordinates of the postal address and the latitude/longitude coordinates that the users IP address resolves to.  There is no magical number where the distance becomes too far, so we allow you to have the flexibility to decide what your risk threshold is and decide what "too far" is for your business.

Learn about the science behind Sample Validation

Take a look at some of our white papers to see how Sample Validation can help you.

What Impact Do Bad Respondents Have on Business Decisions?

Critical questions about data quality need to continue to be asked and answered. Can a small percentage of bad respondents, those whose responses are unreliable, affect survey results? Can the risk imposed by bad respondents be mitigated by increasing the sample size? How can data quality be assured when multiple panel sources are involved?

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Do you know who your respondents are? Measuring data hygiene using respondent validation

This research-on-research project is designed to further the industry's understanding of advances in data quality improvement techniques. The research strives to examine and understand the effects of certain data hygiene practices, specifically respondent identity validation, on sample diversity.

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Client Led

All TrueSample product enhancements are guided by the input of the TrueSample Quality Council and validated through rigorous research programs.

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TrueSample provides three types of software to help you make sure your respondents and results are accurate and authentic. Check out all 3 to see which one(s) are best for your business.

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Device Fingerprint + Fraud Markers

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