Survey Response Validation Software

Survey Validation ensures each participant is Real, Unique, and Engaged.

TrueSample Survey Validation is used by the market research industry’s leading research suppliers to guarantee their clients the highest quality online quantitative data. Through the use of TrueSample’s technology, research suppliers can guarantee in real-time that each survey complete included in a final dataset meets the full criteria of Real, Unique, and Engaged.

Survey Validation


TrueSample verifies that the sample being used in the survey has previously successfully passed TrueSample Sample Validation.


TrueSample uses the industry’s only multi-dimensional de-duplication process in surveys to ensure that panelists can only take the survey once no matter how many sample sources they come from and devices they may use.


TrueSample ensures that respondents meet the desired exclusionary criteria for the survey whether it is based on category, methodology, frequency, etc.


TrueSample’s advanced behavioral algorithms identify and eliminate, in real-time, any respondent that is not paying attention and providing thoughtful answers to survey questions.


TrueSample works on any survey platform with any sample source, so you can depend on consistent and reliable results.

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TrueSample provides three types of software to help you make sure your respondents and results are accurate and authentic. Check out all 3 to see which one(s) are best for your business.

Device Fingerprint + Fraud Markers

Device Fingerprint + Fraud Markers

Sample Validation


Survey Validation


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