Device Fingerprinting Side-by-Side Comparison

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In April 2015, TrueSample contracted with 3rd party programming/hosting, sample, and analytics firms to perform a side-by-side comprehensive analysis of the accuracy and overall efficacy of both the RelevantID® and TrueSample device fingerprint APIs.

In this study, TrueSample outperformed RelevantID® in four key areas:

  • More accurately identifies unique respondents; increases sample capacity by 5%+
  • More accurately identifies duplicate respondents
  • Delivers significantly better detection of mobile device uniqueness through application of TrueSample’s Advanced Algorithm
  • Can improve respondent experience with API call speeds up to 2x-3x faster

Study Design: 

  • 12.5 minute median questionnaire length
  • APIs were run sequentially, first TrueSample followed by RelevantID®
  • All sample ages 18+
  • Multiple providers were used to deliver completes as follows:
    • Rep Sample:
    • DF Chart 1
    • Augment Sample
    • DF Chart 2

Study Results: 

  • RelevantID® identified 9% of completes as being duplicate, while TrueSample identified only 4%
  • DF Chart 3-1
  • For the 540 respondents for which both tests ran, the overlap was as follows:
  • DF Chart 4-1
  • When examining the 27 completes that RelevantID® tagged as duplicate that TrueSample identified as unique, analyzing open end responses plus PII (provided by 26 of the 27) indicated those were erroneously tagged as duplicates
  • This indicates that sample capacity (defined as the ability to complete available sample) was constrained by 5% when using RelevantID® versus TrueSample
  • 63% of these respondents were accessing the survey via a mobile device; showing that TrueSample’s Advanced Algorithm, which was designed to help better differentiate mobile devices is in fact having the intended effect
  • DF Chart 5
  • When looking at the one record that TrueSample identified as a duplicate that RelevantID® did not, the PII for both records matched indicating it was in fact a duplicate
  • This indicates that TrueSample’s Device Fingerprint solution is more accurate in terms of reducing both Type I and Type II errors

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“RelevantID® is a registered trademark of Imperium LLC; TrueSample is not affiliated with Imperium LLC in any way.”

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