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Verify Your Respondents. Validate Your Surveys.

Send quality surveys. Ensure responses are real, unique and engaged.

TrueSample is the industry’s most widely-used validation technology.

  • Proven

    In just four years, TrueSample has become trusted by the industry’s largest research buyers, research firms and sample suppliers. It’s certified 80% of all US online panelists and over 43 million survey responses.

  • Comprehensive

    TrueSample is the only fully multi-dimensional data quality solution—effectively screening out fake, duplicate, unengaged and unqualified survey respondents while also identifying survey design problems.

  • Automated & Objective

    TrueSample eliminates the need for manual data cleaning and validation, which is both expensive and highly subjective.

  • Consistent

    TrueSample works on any survey platform with any sample source, so you can depend on consistent and reliable results.

  • Client Led

    All TrueSample product enhancements are guided by the input of the TrueSample Quality Council and validated through rigorous research programs.


SurveyScore measures audience engagement and ensures your survey is of the highest quality.

  • Pre-survey
    Evaluation of how your design elements and questions will perform and suggests ways to tweak to improve performance.
  • Post-survey
    Evaluation of how your survey performed in terms of engagement

How Does TrueSample Work?

TrueSample employes the same advanced validation technologies used to prevent online credit fraud—so respondents are qualified from every angle.

Real People

TrueSample screens twice to ensure respondents are who and where they claim to be.

RealCheck Postal™
Collects and evaluates names and postal addresses against third-party consumer databases to determine if they're legitimate and correspond with one another.
RealCheck Social™
For records that fail RealCheck Postal, we evaluate respondents’ names and email addresses against third-party databases of social and other online sources.
Truly Unique

TrueSample makes sure respondents participate once…and only once.

Collects and examines digital fingerprints from respondents’ computers to determine if they’ve already completed the survey. Also examines known information about the respondents’ identities to flag those that appear to be duplicates.
Fully Engaged

TrueSample sees that you get straight answers, not straight-lining.

Collects and analyzes time and response meta-data on each page to determine if respondents are speeding or straight-lining compared to well-established norms.
100% Qualified

TrueSample guarantees people have what it takes to take your survey.

Examines respondents’ history on all TrueSample-enabled surveys to determine that they meet specified eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria can be based upon the number, type and subject matter of surveys respondents have taken.

TrueSample works three times over to make sure your results are accurate and authentic.

  1. Before
    Proactively eliminates fake, duplicate, and habitually unengaged panelists so they don’t get invited in the first place. SurveyScore Predictor estimates audience engagement, allowing you to refine your survey design for maximum effectiveness.
  2. During
    Works in real-time to spot fake, duplicate, unengaged and unqualified respondents as they attempt to take the survey.
  3. After
    SurveyScore uses both experiential and behavioral variables to measure the impact of your survey design on audience engagement, and provides suggestions for further improvement.

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